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Eclectic home décor - The latest interior design trends that call for fun vibe to the room to mix and match different types of eclectic, fun look. Whether it's in neutral colors with thick seat or formal fireplace with art deco accessories, homeowners can create a comfortable and dynamic space. Selective attention can help make your home a reflection of space really accurate your individuality, Combining shapes, patterns and colors to make a statement that is very real.

Eclectic style and can include a variety of periods and styles and are linked through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. With associations such as the selection of decorative, eclectic space can easily turn the chaos. This is why Valencich recommend starting from a good base, and the floor."I want to design a room for Eclectic home décor from the bottom up," he said. "The new floor is a great place to start for a new look and feel, and an area of ​​the ground floor only, but provides the basis of design. A good strategy when the eclectic design space is to start with neutral-colored floor to help connect all the elements together," says Valencich. "Gray-toned floor is the latest design trends and it opens the possibility of a variety of styles and decorating palette."

A neutral color floor is not a "blah" or unattractive and served as the floor cloth nice to create your own design eclectic room, while also adding exciting levels and style of art in one room. This floor provides the same visual charm and built from reclaimed wood floors, antique wood add depth and character to the room.Another advantage is that the word neutral colored room decor changed over the years, your floor will be a good move. The great thing in a room decorated in an eclectic style is that they can be easily changed depending on the mood, inspiration and budget. That is why it is important that there is a word that is flexible enough to adapt to change your lifestyle. That is all about Eclectic home décor.

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