The Maintenance of Walnut Dining Table

The Maintenance of Walnut Dining Table

Every item in the house has its own need of maintenance. After all, we are sometimes careless in the everyday’s use of the items. We expose furniture to different high temperature as well as humidity and even the most expensive walnut dining table will deteriorate fast without maintenance. Most of the mass produced dining tables would be finished with polyurethane varnish to help homeowners with the minimum care, but antiques would require different care.

In order to have a long lasting walnut dining table, you should try to avoid scratches on it. The dining tables are more prone to scratches compared to the other types of furniture as its function is to serve meals for a lot of people. Therefore, you can use glass on the top or tablecloths and place mats to provide the protection needed.Dust the walnut dining table regularly by using microfiber tack cloth for dry and damp dusting. When performing the two dusting actions, do not rub the surface with force, but use light touches instead. Remember for damp dusting, you should not let the cloth to be too wet. This way, you will avoid any scratches caused by the microscopic dusts. While you are at it, lift everything on the tables so that you can wipe the whole surface.

Never let any spills unwiped for too long on the walnut dining table. Instead, wipe them immediately before any stains will be forming on the surface. Moreover, you should also avoid placing hot pots, cups and other types of serving dishes directly on the surface to prevent the discoloration. Watermark should also be wiped as soon as possible otherwise you will need to war the rubber gloves and use a cheesecloth dipped in hot water to try and remove the water marks. Reapply furniture wax when needed to protect the table.

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