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Giving extra light at night? Relax, you can figure it out by using the outdoor lighting. However, there are so many types of outdoor lighting with different designs. But now, we are going to talk about some categorizations or types of outdoor deck lighting. By knowing the types, we hope that you can choose the right one based on the purpose you put the extra lighting. Let’s get the tour of lighting!

Basically, the use of outdoor deck lighting has been widespread among people. People in families or offices may use this lighting because it gives better look at night when everyone is off. So, the first outdoor deck light fixture is the tubular fluorescent one. According to the customers, tubular design or model of outdoor lighting is very common to be applied since many people have used it. It is usually put on the ceiling or any column space in the lower level.The physical appearance of tubular fluorescent outdoor deck lighting is like you can see the lens that covers the light itself. The standard model is the one that has one and four bulbs. It actually depends on the number of lamps that you need for your home or office. If you choose the most efficient lamp in the energy production, this tubular fluorescent is the answer. Besides, you can use this lighting for longer time since this lasts longer.

The second one is the High Intensity Discharge (HID) outdoor deck lighting. Some people call it metal halides. This is matched for the use of mounted on the ceiling. You can put it on the ceiling near the door, garage, stairs or the balcony. The size of the bulbs very varies according to your own purpose. If you are about to put a bigger one to give extra safety for your home at night when everyone is sleeping, you may choose the big size of the bulbs. But if you are not, you can choose the small or medium size. This is enough already.HID lighting is chosen by some people and families because the ray of light of it is very bright. Imagine that you have an occasion at night and you put this lighting on the stairs. The guests will feel pleased and honored to come there. But if you choose the big size, you need to beware of the bill although it is still in fair cost. The outdoor deck lighting is good for the additional look and security at night.

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