iRobot Roomba 605 Vacuum Cleaner, 60 W Review

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iRobot Roomba 605 Image 1The iRobot Roomba 605 Vacuum Cleaner, 60 W is the perfect cleaner to clean your floors its as easy to use with a simple touch of a button. It has a full suite of sensors to allow it to vacuum on its own using iAdapt, a responsive Navigation technology. It cleans along the wall edges using a spinning side brush for the most thorough floor coverage, it also avoids stairs and other drop-offs, ideal on hard floors and carpets

Box Contains
1 x iRobot Roomba 605 vacuum cleaner; Home Base; iRobot Battery with Xlife formulation

Why Roomba? Why iRobot? SKU main features
Everyday clean, without the effort.
Roomba is a rechargeable vacuuming robot that cleans your home on its own.

Roomba goes where other robots and traditional vacuums don’t go: under beds, sofas and other hard to reach areas.

Because you can operate Roomba up to 7 days a week, your home remains clean, everyday, effortlessly. With Roomba, you will never step on dirty floors again.

Roomba 605 with NIMH battery.
Home Basecharging dock with line cord.
Patented AeroVac cleaning system
Patented iAdapt 1.0 navigation.
Patented multi-floor auto-adjust suction head.
Patented anti-tangle.
Full surface or spot cleaning.

Patented suction head
The motorised bristle and flapper brushes pick up all types of dirt, from fine dust to larger debris like cereal.

Automatically adjusts to all floor types
The patented AeroVac 3-Stage cleaning system automatically adjusts to suck up dirt and dust on all your floors: hardwood floors, tiles, even carpets and rugs.

Good for pet hair
Roomba efficiently picks up your pet’s hair even on difficult surfaces thanks to its two patented counter-rotating brushes.

Manages obstacles & cords
Roomba navigates under low-profile furniture or around obstacles, without damaging anything. Roomba recognises lines and cords and avoids to get tangled in them.

Smart cleaning coverage
The patented iAdapt 1.0 navigation uses a full suite of sensors enabling Roomba to seamlessly find its way around the room and adapt to your changing home, thus cleaning in every nook and cranny.

Just press ‘Clean’
Press Clean on Roomba and it will automatically navigate in the room – you don’t even have to stay around!

Sweeps in corners
Roomba’s spinning side brush efficiently eliminates dirt from corners, angles and along wall edges, leaving even hard to reach areas clean.

Cliff sensors
Roomba always knows how to avoid stairs and other drop-offs.

AeroVac filtration
The AeroVac filter within the extra large dust bin efficiently captures fine dust and debris.

Always charged, automatically
Roomba cleans for up to 60 minutes before recharging on its own, so it is always ready to go.

Dual Mode Virtual Wall
The Dual Mode Virtual Wall is the perfect addition to your clean home. Virtual Wall Mode keeps Roomba in spaces you want clean and out of the ones you don’t. Halo Mode keeps Roomba away from items you want to protect – such as your pet’s food and water bowls. Sold separately.

Authentic parts
Roomba is extremely modular, most parts can be replaced overtime to extend the life of your Roomba. With authentic iRobot parts, the quality of your Roomba remains a assured.

iRobot is the worldwide leader in home cleaning robots
iRobot was founded in 1990 by roboticists with a vision to create meaningful solutions to human needs.

iRobot has sold over 20 millions of home cleaning robots worldwide, and won countless awards and honors for its designs and technologies.

iRobot also offers best-in-class customer support, we are here to help if you have any questions.

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  • Roomba 605 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Easy to use, cleans your floors at the touch of a button

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