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Everybody realizes that the bathroom is one of the basic facility which must be completed in every where they stay. Even some public place which actually not used as the place to stay also needs the bathroom to fulfill the visitor need. Even the bathroom design and size not like the common bathroom which completed by the number of bathroom furniture. This kind of bathroom often said as the bathroom stalls which quiet small look.

Generally the bathroom stalls dimensions will look very narrow, due to its function which only used for urination and also defecate. This kind of bath room generally only need less than 2 meter, not like the general bathroom which will need larger space. The bathroom stalls will be very easy to find on some public space like school and the other public space which used by the number of people.This bathroom interior design actually looks very simple, in according to its size and also the main function. This kind of bathroom generally will only used in certain time not like the general bathroom in the house which completed by some other additional equipment. The main principle of the bathroom stalls is only to facilitate the need of simple toilet activity not the others which generally done in your own bathroom. this simple function will also make the management make this bathroom in related small size to safe the space which is very limited in the bathroom.

The bathroom stallsare generally made in the relative large room and build in line near the wall, it looks like being the lineup. Due to its position, in a quiet large bathroom you can find the number of toilet which made in the line. Generally, this kind of toilet will made in the relative Sam design, there is no difference between them. It only used as the place to urination and defecate not to take a bath or many other activity which often done in your bathroom.Between the bathroom stalls there will be a separator which made from the black glass, fiber or even the board. This kind of thing will separate the main bathroom room with this toilet. Generally this kind of toilet also not completed by the roof, it made to reduce the number of lamp which used to illumine the bathroom. The building management will only provide a large lamp in the bathroom ceiling. It will illuminate all of the side in the bathroom including this toilet.

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