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Modern garden Design – Having great interior house design will not complete if you do not decorate your exterior house by making great landscape decoration. One of the best decoration for you outdoor living is garden. Garden is not only provides the greenery area, but it also can be used as relaxation area by attaching outdoor furniture. Modern garden will answer your need of landscaping decoration. If you have minimalist or modern house exterior decoration, this modern garden will complete your house look. There are lots of ideas you can choose to make modern garden. So keep reading this article, because we are going to give you some ideas.

Modern garden design is created to be more functional and practical, because it can be used as additional area, such as outdoor living room, outdoor dining room or playground for kids. Moreover, you can also make a decking design in your garden with any types of woods. The first design you can make for your backyard is outdoor dining room over the greenery garden. To decorate it, you can plant any kinds of grasses. Choose the grass based on your taste. If you have huge tree on the yard, this is the great location to put a set of dining table. DO not forget to put kinds of tree containers and flowers.

To create modern garden, you can also utilize the pool. You can set cushion lounging chair near the pool as the relaxation area. Then, you can create footpath with natural stone surround the pool. Do not forget to plant grass to add greenery touch. You can also plant the border planting system with snake plants or decorative bamboo plants. Modern garden design will complete if you set lighting tool, such as garden lamp to make the spotlight. Those are two ideas you can get as inspiration.

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