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Beach Theme Bathroom The bathroom has a luxurious shades like in hotels or resorts on the beach, it is a dream of all people. Bathroom with bathtub and spa facilities are adequate, can make you feel relaxed while bathing and cleaning themselves in it. Moreover, with a touch of aromatherapy candles to calm the mind and charming decor in the main bathroom, must make every person, especially women, would like to linger there to care for and pamper yourself.

One of bathroom design charming nuances beaches may make you chuckle in awe. With a touch of the wall and floor porcelain style that uses beautiful yellow limestone that is often referred to as travertine, being able to provide a natural setting in the main bathroom, like the sand on the seashore. Moreover, to add a thick atmosphere of the beach, is used many similar themed accessories, such as soap dishes navy blue plastic, candle holder filled with small pebbles, displays paintings contain images of exotic sea 2 pieces of up to six ornate white rock regularly arranged near mirror in brown wooden frame.

Not only the beaches that make you feel welcome to linger in them, but also adequate facilities to meet the needs of your body care. There is a luxury bathtub design with a height of half a meter and have water taps shiny classic Roman style. The tap water since finishing his shiny chrome coating wear to make them look fancy. In front of and beside the bathtub there is a large window coverings or shade that uses fiber like straw so it looks natural. Window coverings that can be rolled or spread is useful for protecting privacy in total.

In addition make beach theme bathroom, there is also a sweet shower room facilities are only limited by transparent glass to make the room look spacious. In the shower room there are two types of showers to choose from, which consist of a hand shower that can be hung on the wall after use and also a full-body spray shower is located just above the head. For toilet located next to the shower, lined with frosted glass to protect privacy. There is also a small built-in storage space on the bathroom wall in a shower room that could be used to store toiletries are often worn every day such as soap or shampoo. In the shower room and toilet lights used are simple ceiling lamps that seem modern.

Luxury classic furniture as a storage place toiletries, towels and clothes. One is white cabinets while blending with sink and large mirror. Mirror placed beside lamps vintage style iron. As for the small black wooden cabinet beside the tub, added a pretty flower decoration and wrought classic style iron candle holder. For those of you who want to enjoy a relaxing sit in the bathroom while doing body treatments, can use soft ottoman upholstered in light blue. Arguably the main bathroom design has a similar design quality five-star hotel. You are interested to emulate beach theme bathroom?

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