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Bench is one kind of chair which has special design and looks different from the general chair. It looks like the box without back. People often confuse when they used the bench because it does not look like the general chair used by the common people. But it is has the same function with the general chair which is used as the place to sit down. Generally the bench located in the living room or in the family room which will accommodate the number of people. Even there is storage bench which has the additional function beside as the place to sit.

Storage bench furniture is one solution which often used by the people to solve some narrow house problem. Generally narrow house will get the basic problem such as the number of storage which very limited. It is because the narrow house cannot accommodate the number storage in this narrow room. By using the storage bench you can find the best solution to get the additional storage without make the room become narrower.There are many kinds of storage bench which generally used by the people beside the living room and also family room bench. It is the bedroom benches which located in the bedroom used as the chamber of secret. As everybody knows bedroom is one of the most private room, because in this room the owner often put the personal thing which no one permit to look at it. This storage can be used as the personal storage which no one knows.

Storage bench which located in the bedroom will make every personal item safe from the other people who are curious to see it or event from the thief. Generally they do not realize that the bench in the bedroom has the chamber of secret which store the number of private thing. The thief generally will only open the main wardrobe and some drawer to find everything which they want. They will not realize that there is a secret storage in the bench.Nowadays, the number of people who are using the storage bench starting to increase. It is due to the additional function which will be got by the owner from this bench. When it is located in the living room, you can also use it as the place to store the old newspaper and also magazine. It is can avoid the living room look untidy due to the number of newspaper and magazine which spread out on the living room.

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