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Along with the high mobility in this era, not least among executives who later switched to the vertical housing. Decorating a studio apartment, which only consists of one large room to cover all the needs of space, being one of the options that are of interest.

But apartment dwellers would normally hit problems limited spaces in it, especially on studios that are small. Therefore I will give you some tips to make the room look bigger and also create an atmosphere that gives comfort to its occupants.

1 . Generally do not have a studio type bulkhead apartment, so this could be a favorable point. To make it look wider, use a large mirror with a horizontal form on one area of the wall, where the effect of the reflections can give the room more spacious. For example, in areas of the wall directly next to each other with a dining table, dining table put the stick on the mirror. If no other wall accessories, place in a way that is also attached. On the mirror, so overall give the illusion of a longer room.

2 . For furniture, Furniture Pick Simple. Large furniture in a small room will fill the room, narrowing the motion, and the resulting inconvenience of residents of the apartment. Better, using multifunction furniture so more efficient place. Example: folding table that is flexible, both to be moved and used as needed, where if it is not used anymore, the table can be folded up so it does not meet the mini-sized room. One corner of a room can be a work area using a table with no legs so it looks more spacious. Then at the top given that resembles a bookcase shelves, so it also does not look filled the space. Another example is a sofa bed that is also commonly used to fill space in a studio type apartment. This furniture can be used for two requirements, namely as a bed and folded when not in use fatherly be a seat for colleagues who came. Add the carpet at the bottom to give the impression of a warmer and shorter small table in order to keep the room look spacious.

3 . Decorating a studio apartment use neutral colors. Neutral colors such as beige and white to give the impression of a roomy and spacious. At certain parts or the furniture, you can use bright colors such as blue cyan which will give the impression of clean or green which gives a fresh effect. Avoid using dark colors because it will give the impression the room feel cramped.

4 . Lighting plays Besides the use of color, lighting elements are also important. Set brighter lighting because it will bring the atmosphere to be widely and freely. Hopefully these tips about decorating a studio apartment useful.

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