Briliant Idea for Your Small Apartments Lighting

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One room apartment, or the more commonly known by the name of the studio, actually saving decorating possibilities. Unfortunately, wrong small apartments lighting will make the room feel crowded. Because of the lighting, the room will look more beautiful, warm, and of course can make anyone comfortable in the space. Not just a studio apartment, open space concept home also has a variety of decorating possibilities. Of course, the size of a studio apartment and house open space concept into differentiating the two. Living in an apartment can be exciting because you still able perform and conduct all of activities in it. Do you want to know my idea about small apartments lighting?

1. Small apartment should be supported by good lighting, can be either natural lighting (natural lighting) like lighting from sunlight or artificial lighting (artificial lighting) such as table lamps, hanging lamps, standing lamp.

2. Place lighting at some point with different heights. Give the dynamics of the lighting. One way, use a chandelier to give the difference between the area with other areas. Low-hanging chandelier in the dining table or in the living room area tends to make your apartment atmosphere more intimate.

3. You can also apply the spectral tiny apartment with a white -clad adjustable lighting. The result, a space with dramatic effect. Using monochromatic low-pressure sodium lamps in your bedroom area, and fluorescent lights that mimic natural lighting illuminates the living room and kitchen, where the light is fused with outdoor light.

4. You can also use spotlight (down-light ) which leads to the accessories that surround the room. For example, you have a unique collection stored in special cabinets where you can also provide lighting effects in it. With a variety of game elements that light can produce effects that comfortable space in a luxury room with a view like an awesome game details

How readers? Keen to apply my ideas about small apartments lighting? Please, take it and have fun in your tiny apartment.

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