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You are building a new home? Or planning to renovate the house? A good idea to pay attention to lights design interior in your house, because good lighting is certainly very supportive of interior space, both in terms of functionality or aesthetics.

Well, for it is here I will explain a few tips for lighting design in your home. Perhaps you need to discuss with an interior designer or architect for more details. But I am simply trying to divide lights design interior in the room.

1 . Living room

The living room is a reflection of the owner of the house, the arrangement of lighting is very important in addition to the arrangement of the room layout and furniture. Living room lighting is very important and necessary when we have guests. Guests and homeowner activity is an activity that requires detail and maximum illumination. It required illumination evenly throughout the room. But if the living room is not in use, use local lighting, such as wall lamp, table lamp, or a standing lamp. In conclusion, it needs two types of lighting in the living room, the uneven lighting and local lighting.

2 . Family Room

The family room is a room in a residential core. Activities in the family room is very complex, ranging from watching tv, reading, writing, talking, eating and drinking up. You could say all the activities of a whole room of the house can be done in the living room, unless the activity in the bathroom and laundry room. For the lighting in the family room is very complex as well. Uneven lighting, direct lighting and local lighting is needed in this room. Use of lights that illuminate the whole room is the main thing. Unidirectional light usage, eg for lighting decorations, paintings, or photographs of the family will also add the aesthetics. The placement of lights sitting, standing lamp and wall lights with matching interior space will give the good impression.

3 . Bedroom

Space is the main break activity. So the use of lights for lighting in the room is not too focused on the illumination evenly. Local and directional lighting would be to maximize activity. Placement of lights that need to be considered are the spots as beside the bed (table lamp), wardrobe mirrors (halogen lamp), and a wardrob. Placement of the lights in this area will maximize the space in scope as a resting place. The use of hidden lamp (slim lamp) placed a ceiling trap also interesting reversed when the main lights turned off at bedtime.

4 . Kitchen

This room requires high accuracy. This is due to activities such as slicing vegetables, turning on the stove, and activities. In addition to the use of uneven illumination, also requires local lighting. Its function is to illuminate the parts used for the above activities. For example, the placement of the TL slim down kitchen set will also help the cooking activity, in addition to adding aesthetic for sure. Installation of the lights can be set in conjunction with the installation of outlet for refrigerator, magic jar, or blender. The selection of lights in kitchen set is also worth noting, between light and dark colors bright. Watt usage will feel hot because of the distance that light near the kitchen is too hot atmosphere. Installation of the lights need to be considered so neat, so that the cables do not interfere with vision.

5 . Dining Room

Just like the kitchen, this room activities require high accuracy. Local lighting is bright, like the use of the chandelier above the dining table is highly recommended. In addition to the main lighting when feeding activity, can also add to the aesthetics, especially coupled with the wall or standing lamp lights around the dining table. Basically for the selection of the color depends on taste. However, it is better to adjust to the theme of the interior space. Difference in color between the main chandelier and ceiling lights will give a different feel. Impression cozy, warm, with a light yellowish usually an idol of people today.

6 . bathroom

Activities carried out in the most ideal bathroom using prevalent lighting. The concern here is the location of the placement and stand or hood lights. Do not get exposed to light splashes of water. This can lead to surge. In addition to the lamp glass broken due to expansion when exposed to water splashes. Keep in mind also, a good bathroom should be sufficient for air circulation and light. So in addition to artificial light (lamp), the bathrooms need natural light for temperature and humidity up. Airflow is also needed to channel water vapor and odors.

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