Admiring the Mahogany Dining Table

mahogany dining table bench with baker mahogany dining table with black mahogany dining table
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When we talk about the mahogany wood, we talk about the richly colored wood which has become one of the most valuable and expensive wood species in the whole world. The mahogany is known to have the one of a kind pink color that is so unique. This color will then develop into a deep reddish brown when the wood gets older.  This is certainly not happening to the other woods such as pine or oak. That is why so many people adore the mahogany dining table.

Most of the mahogany tree could grow quite large and that is why the harvesters can get large results for mahogany dining table. Moreover, the mahogany woods only have very few voids or knots so that they have smooth pattern so that they can be turned into great wood craft such as tables and chairs for the dining room.The mahogany wood is easy to work with, strong and durable. For those reasons, the mahogany dining table can be turned into high quality products that can last longer. Another great benefit of the mahogany wood is the fact that the wood can be turned into so many furniture and wooden products due to the fact that it is easy to sand and cut. The example of the wooden products is drums, wooden boats and acoustic guitars.

The mahogany dining table is made of the tree that comes from the Swietenia genus. The genus has three species, but the rarest and most valuable one is the Swietenia mahogany. This tree can be grown in Florida, Honduras as well as Caribbean. The other two are Swietenia Humilus and Switenia macrophylla. The species can be from in the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Unfortunately, according to the CITES (Convention on International Trade) mahogany trees are endangered and it is nearly extinct in the South America. We all must try to protect it as it is one of our greatest treasures.

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