Corky the Wine Whale on the Summit 2 Sea Wine Trail

Will Social Search Change SEO? [courtesy of HubSpot]

I received this post from HubSpot this morning and felt it was a timely subject to share. I have been doing research on this subject because a few of my clients have been asking for help with SEO. I find this post interesting because the holy grail has always been that we have to place […]

30 Social Media Predictions From 30 Social Media Pros – Social Media Examiner

#1: Marketers will have more tools to stimulate conversation. #2: More companies will invest in social media. #3: Social media will become mainstream. #4: Quora will leave beta and become a serious player in social networking. #5: People will demand more from social media. #6: Social media will no longer be something the “cool kids” […]

25 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

Here’s a new post from HubSpot with 25 tips on how to get more social media followers. If your not following already I highly recommend them as a social media resource. They tend to focus on lead generation which does not apply directly to the wine industry, however, I have found their social media […]

Why Wineries Need Social Media

According to a study by, a majority of luxury consumers are mainly influenced by the internet.

Although newspapers and magazine ads still have influence, it is clear that many continue to turn to the internet. The use of social media is very economical, allowing you to gain effective traffic and to build your brand.


Could 2009 Be The Year that the Web Makes A Significant Impact on the Wine Industry?

Earlier in the year I spent some time reading the 2009 – 2010 State of the Wine Industry Report from Silicon Valley Bank. According to them this recession is the time for wineries to finally embrace a robust direct-to-consumer digital sales strategy.

I was entertained by the references to Jerry Maguire… basically [they] had me […]

Why you should start a branded online community for your Winery

Web 2.0 is a technology trend for information sharing and social networking that is an emerging innovation within the wine industry.

Many winery’s have started blogging but others are not sure where to begin. MyVineSpace recommends starting a simple branded community where you can manage your blog and online discussions, but most importantly you can […]

Wineries, don’t start a blog… start a Community!

I read this post today where Paul Boutin says that blogs are dead and I agree, sort of…

<pIf you are considering starting a new blog now, the wrong thing to do would be to create one of those static boring blogs that everyone else has.

<pHe mentions sites like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter as […]

10 things I learned at the Wine Bloggers Conference, #WBC08

1) Tasting wine is a hard job but someone has to do it

2) It’s practically impossible to monetize a blog

3) Regardless of above, we all have to try even if it means no sleeping

4) The best way to monetize is to provide services

5) There were many talented and fun people at […]