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Will Social Search Change SEO? [courtesy of HubSpot]

by Cheryl Wolhar - MyVineSpace on February 18, 2011

I received this post from HubSpot this morning and felt it was a timely subject to share.  I have been doing research on this subject because a few of my clients have been asking for help with SEO.  I find this post interesting because the holy grail has always been that we have to place high in keyword search.  Now, it seems that Google has changed it’s algorithm.

Google announced yesterday that is has upgraded its search engine to include social results for users signed into their Google accounts. This means that people will start seeing search results from their friends on Twitter, Blogger, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc.  This could be really big, however, we will need to wait and see how it plays out and evolves over time.

Rank Doesn’t Matter Anymore
With this latest update from Google, rank officially died as a metric for businesses to obsess over. It now doesn’t matter if you rank in the top slot for a certain keyword, because Google is quickly scaling personalized and social search. This means that everyone who searches will see a different page of results, based on their location, search history and their connections across the social web.

Marketing Takeaway
Stop obsessing over rank and keyword stuffing. Instead, focus your time and effort on creating amazing blog content and distributing it through social media. Develop strategies and prioritize engagement on each social platform to help build reach that brings organic search traffic to your website.

For a full understanding of these new changes, watch the new video explaining social search improvements from Google on the link below.

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