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Beekeeping Is Awesome!

Beekeeping at Love Apple Farms

Beekeeping Workshop at Love Apple Farms

Did you know that farmers depend on bees for pollination and that 2/3 of the foods we eat today depend on bees?  This subject always comes up when planting a garden of fresh vegetables for my family’s health and enjoyment.   I’m always hearing the questions, “Do I need bees to pollinate my tomatoes” and “Why doesn’t my lemon tree have lemons”?

It turns out that tomatoes are self-fertile when conditions are ideal, however, the best pollinator for tomatoes is the original, bees!  And some lemon trees, such as indoor varieties, will produce fruit without bees and insects to pollinate them, but again, you have a better chance if you have bees!

If you want to learn all about this fun and essential hobby, take the beekeeping workshop at Love Apple Farms on Sunday, October 23rd.

Be a Beekeeper!.

Love Apple Farms Farm-to-Table dinner for Habitat for Humanity

Here’s a event coming up at Love Apple Farms on Vine Hill Road in Santa Cruz Mountains, that will be both fun and delicious and it’s for a great cause!

Stephen Beaumier, Chef de Cuisine at Quince Restaurant (San Francisco), will create a farm-to-table dining experience at Love Apple Farms (Santa Cruz Mountains) as a fundraising event for our newest affordable housing development in Scotts Valley.

Habitat for Humanity, Habitat for Humanity Santa Cruz County Santa Cruz, CA Home.

Facebook Announces New Subscribe Button

This afternoon, Facebook announced the release of a brand new feature, the Subscribe Button for profile pages. Ultimately, the new feature enables Facebook to support and provide even more publicly available content, which is a huge stride for its position in the search market.

Up until now, users haven’t had much control over what see in their News Feed. On a user-by-user basis, the Subscribe Buttons gives you the ability to choose whether you’d like to see all updates, most updates, or just important updates from another user.

Video history of Burrell School Vineyards & Winery via VineStories

Here’s a great video of Dave Moulton giving the history and background of the property and schoolhouse at Burrell School Vineyards.  You will enjoy this video.

Video Feature of Burrell School Vineyards & Winery | VineStories.

Google+ Facebook Twitter Feature Comparison Infographic | The Chris Voss Show

Google+ Facebook Twitter Feature Comparison Infographic | The Chris Voss Show.

Useful checklist comparing  features in facebook, Google+ and twitter.

Is Shopping Really Happening on Facebook? | Social Media Club

1) 50% of Facebook users who follow a retailer have visited a retailer’s website by clicking through Facebook.

2) 50% of this same group reported having browsed and researched products and services, with slightly fewer having posted comments regarding products or services.

3) Two-thirds of Twitter users who follow retailers have clicked through to a website or browsed and researched products. Overall, Twitter seems to have more overall commerce intensity than Facebook for now.

via Is Shopping Really Happening on Facebook? | Social Media Club.

Twitter To Start Displaying Promoted Tweets in User Streams

Twitter announced today that users can expect to start seeing advertisements in their main stream of tweets from Twitter’s Promoted Tweets advertising platform. Most Twitter users knew it was only a matter of time before ads came to their main stream of tweets. Twitter has already been testing these ads with third-party clients like Hootsuite.

via Twitter To Start Displaying Promoted Tweets in User Streams.

5 Ways Google+ Will Influence Search Results

5 Ways Google+ Will Influence Search Results.

What Google+ really about (pst!!! it’s not social)

What G+ really about (pst!!! it’s not social).

Is it Game on in the Wine World? – Good Grape: A Wine Blog Manifesto

The “Game Layer” is introduced to the wine industry.  Technology entrepreneur Seth Preibatsch suggests that the next decade of digital innovation will be about the, “Game Layer.”

VinTank and Snooth Media have both announced game-like elements as part of the wine online experience. Think Farmville meets wine education.

Game Layer: An opaque term that Preibatsch, the precocious 22-year old founder of a tech company called SCVNGR, uses to define the next wave of innovation this decade, a philosophy that he thinks is far more revolutionary (and he is far more apt to profit from) than the previous decade that was marked by the, “Social Layer” i.e. social networking.

Is it Game on in the Wine World? – Good Grape: A Wine Blog Manifesto.